Astrology by Paul Saunders

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus in Aquarius - Thursday 18th January 2018

swing from the chandelier
Swing From The Chandeliers - Venus in Aquarius

The Moon is is the sign of Aquarius today, a sign of uniqueness, of doing your own thing and non-judgemental kindness. This is a sign of contrasts, an air sign that is misconstrued as a water sign, it's often not what it seems. Air and water doesn't mix well and there is a boundary between the two, and in the same way the Aquarian energy stays rather aloof and detached from merging with others. We may have our own views when this sign is prevalent, and yet we respect those of others too, so long as they don't try to force them on us. At that point, Aquarius rebels against the impositions being placed on it. This is the need today; the need to be just a little bit different.

Now Aquarius is starting to take over the Astrology wheel from today after the barrage of Capricorn energy, and in relation to this Venus moves into the sign of the water barer today. Venus is the planet of love, relationships and values, and now our values will change to suit the more modern, innovative environment that we find ourselves in. As for love and relating, there will be an experimental side that she will be eager to explore, as Venus in Aquarius sees the young virgin starting to get attracted to anything kinky and off limits. If Capricorn in Capricorn was formal dating, Venus in Aquarius is anything but. This energy for Venus is much more daring, and she is willing to swing from the chandeliers and wear garish figure hugging sexy outfits to attract her mate. She may use technology and internet to connect with others, as that's much less intrusive and there is a divide that allows her to network “at a distance”. For us all Venus in Aquarius brings an edge of excitement into our love lives, but also a coolness not to get too emotionally involved.

The Moon makes one connection today, a conjunction with the South Node that brings matters of the past into our lives and things that we intrinsically know. These may be emotional connections from months or even years gone by, or ones that are family based that come back around again. Either way, we will have to deal with them in a kind, compassionate but rather matter of fact manner.

There is one last link today that sees Mars making a trine to Chiron. Chiron helps us to solve our problems and heal long-standing hurts through taking a different, radical approach. Mars making this aspect to the wounded healer allows us to set the ball rolling in a new direction, and start the process of setting things right again. Remember, in Astrology, you have to make things happen through using the energy at the correct times, because if you sit around and wait for lady luck to come knocking at your door, she'll never ever turn up to assist you, so get up onto your feet, and get moving...

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – New Moon in Capricorn - Wednesday 17th January 2018

New Moon in Capricorn
The New Moon forming

The Moon starts off in the sign of Capricorn closing in to the Sun, and at 2.16am UK time, a New Moon will be formed. The New Moon in Capricorn complements the sky very much with Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Sun and Venus also in the sign and quite appropriately, it will highlight the structure of your life, what you need to build and work on to make things better for yourself in accordance to your values, as it is conjunct to Venus. This a sober New Moon looking at things in a very practical manner, and yet there will be a need to get your life in gear with a sextile to active Mars and update yourself at the same time as it is going to be square to Uranus. The story of this new Moon then is work on the basics and the structure of your life, to be proactive and look for new opportunities to improve on the basics that you already have in place. A revolution of sorts awaits you if you take up the challenge being offered today.

After the New Moon completes, the Moon moves onto quickly make a conjunction with Venus, a sympathetic and caring position and one where you will be thoughtful and understanding to loved ones, friends and family. This conjunction in Capricorn isn't looking for any kind of praise and flamboyant gestures, practical assistance is much more Venus in Capricorn.

The Moon then shifts into the sign of Aquarius and finally there is a change from the Capricorn overload that we've been under. Aquarius is a sign of untouchable glamour, electric, vibrant and unique. Now is our chance to show a different side to our character, the more crazy side. Now is a time connect with like-minded people, those who share our vision and our points of view, as Aquarius is a sign of the community.

Now adding in to this New Moon and just before the end of the day, Mars forms a very difficult looking inconjunct aspect to Uranus. The inconjunct is a shearing aspect, one where the planets are neither in complementary signs nor elements and they are associated with adjustment, separation and difficult change that we have to cope with. Mars and Uranus brings speed, aggression, rebellion, shocks, unexpected actions and sometimes perversity to the table and the combination of the two can bring about hard to cope with actions and change, breakages and accidents through recklessness or taking too much of a risk. Just because this risky aspect comes after two days of relentless, staid, responsible Capricorn energy, this one could see us taking too much of a chance as the opportunity to finally let go comes around. As a result, there might be a chance of sudden fires or other incendiary incidents that colours this day

Where is the New Moon landing in your chart? These are for Ascendant signs – if you don't know your Ascendant go to this link - Find your Ascendant

Aries - New Moon linked to work and career drives and ambitions, your New Moon with your boss, vocations and volunteer work, how you are viewed by the general public and pursuit of personal/public success, male influences in your life, senior people, your father.

Taurus – New Moon linked to wisdom and knowledge, to universities and places of higher learning, to your personal faith, religion and beliefs, to culture, travel and diversity, to law and legal matters, to publishing, mass communication and getting your word out far and wide, to connections to in-laws and your partner's family members

Gemini – New Moon highlighting shared assets, joint finances, other people's possessions, taxes, debt, investments, inheritances, power and powerful individuals, change, corporations and big business, your sex and intimate life plus sexual partners, secrets, the unexplained, anything underground, change, death and rebirth.

Cancer - New Moon stimulating your relationships and partnerships, both personal and professional, love partners and spouses, marriage, those who advise you officially such as counsellors, solicitors, accountants, and those who openly oppose you and your views.

Leo - New Moon dealing with daily routines, services that you provide for others and services others provide for you, everyday work and relationships you have with colleagues, fixing things, health and relationships with doctors and medical staff, healing, exercise, diet, your well-being, social services, pets and domesticated animals.

Virgo - New Moon stimulating the part of the chart linked to your individual talents, creative abilities, hobbies, sports, and things you do in your free time, games, entertainment, performance, lovers, how you express love and love you give out to others, children, risk, speculation and taking a chance.

Libra - New Moon affecting home life and how you relate to your family members, those you live with, landlords and house mates. Anything to do with the house/apartment you live in, land or property you own, women's issues and your mother, the past, personal security, your roots, your New
Moon, beginnings and endings in life.

Scorpio - New Moon in part of chart linked to communications, letters, documents, agreements,emails and messages, debate, language. Linked to education and schools, neighbours and local people in your community, vehicles, transport and journeys made, advertising and marketing, young people and siblings.

Sagittarius - New Moon concerned with your business dealings, finances, money, income and how you earn your money, spending patterns, possessions, materialism your personal values and self worth.

Capricorn - New Moon focused on your self and personal confidence, how you look, your style, your body and physical condition, your personal views and attitudes, how you view others and how others relate to you.

Aquarius - New Moon in a part of your chart connected to psychological issues, sacrifices made, suffering, solitude, working behind the scenes, those working against you or undermining your position without your knowledge, escapism, spirituality, charity, hospitals, clinics, prisons and places of detention.

Pisces – New Moon highlighting friends and friendships, working with others in joint efforts, groups, associations you are a member of, team events and activities, companies, your social life, networking, political activity and activism, collective social concerns, your hopes and dreams, love received from others.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Jupiter sextile Pluto - Tuesday 16th January 2018

hug and embrace
Moon sextile Jupiter - Forgiveness shown

The Moon continues it's path through the sign of Capricorn and we keep the rather down to earth feel of the past day and a half. Capricorn likes structure and you will be planning and working out how to make every task you have go as efficiently as possible. There is a lot of self criticism associated with this sign and this contributes to the lack of emotion as well as Capricorn being hard on themselves, and we may feel a little emotionally repressed today.

Now to start off today, Jupiter forms a sextile to Pluto. This aspect allows us to change something to gain some power and control back into our lives, be it through our beliefs, something we learn, our attitudes or something connected to the way we do things. This aspect can also be one where we show generosity in order to get some favour back in the long run. Following on from this, the Moon connects with Pluto and at the same time it makes a sextile back to Jupiter and so we get emotionally involved with this process of doing something to improve our situation. There will be an intense desire to expand what we have and luck might just be on our side today to achieve whatever we need to make things better for ourselves. If people have done us wrong in the past, we will be able to show forgiveness in order to bury the hatchet with them. It's a good day to some someone a hug, and tell them that all is forgotten and things are gonna be alright.

The Moon has one more aspect to go today as it makes one more sextile aspect to Mars, an assertive connection that allows us to express our emotions freely and without any hindrance. Here is a desire to get things moving in our lives, although there is also a hastiness and enthusiasm about us that might see us having less patience than normal.

Now Mars is sitting on a fixed star today and tomorrow, the star Agena in the constellation of Centaurus, the centaur. This is a star of teaching and healing, and our actions today will be centred around the ordinary things that we do. Anything we do to help others without making a great big fuss of things will be really appreciated, and as I said earlier, our deeds may be reciprocated at a later date. We may be able to set an example to friends or colleagues that they will able to follow and this implies a sense of responsibility over our actions that is the very watchword of Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. What we do and achieve now could set the scene for days and weeks to come, and help to get others to trust us and our judgement in the future.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Capricorn - Monday 15th January 2018

Moon conjunct Saturn - Targets, targets targets...

The Moon is in Capricorn now and joining a log jam of five other planets all in the same sign, therefore we have a lot of earthy energy to deal with. Any planet in Capricorn takes on a more reserved and more serious tone, and yet Capricorn does also have a very quirky and weird sense of humour that emerges. There can be a lack of confidence with this sign and this contributes to the inhibited side of this sign. As a result our emotions will be held back a bit throughout the day.
This will be especially the case first thing as the Moon makes a conjunction with Saturn. We will have a need to be super organised and keep everything very much in perspective this morning. The Moon and Saturn together bring an emotional toughness that can serve us well in any difficult situations that we may find ourselves in. Even if you do need help you won't want to ask for assistance out of an unwillingness to show any fragility.

With Saturn is Mercury and the next conjunction the Moon makes will be with the quicksilver planet. Now there will be a need to communicate and seek information, but again in a business like way, like the company executive who has responsibility on our shoulders. We find a need to set targets, organising other and plan our approach to everything. We could be rather direct and and possibly a little harsh in the way we approach things and speak to people, especially as Saturn is close by too and there is a danger that we might we be a little too safe or conservative in our ideas and decisions today?

Later on in the day, the Sun completes an easy looking sextile to Chiron and we can find healing energy to make any difficult situations seem that that little easier to cope with. By taking a different path and through learning from the past we can conquer things that previously thwarted us. This aspect is nicely complemented by an imaginative and compassionate sextile from the Moon to Neptune. There is a good balance between the earthy Moon and the watery Neptune in Pisces, and through it we can show lasting love and caring to others. Little sacrifices that we make this evening will be greatly appreciated.